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Young Landmarks-to-be/ Hisham Al-Thahabi

by Admin
posted onNovember 26, 2017

Some of my country’s most beautiful landmarks aren’t physical ones, but those spirits within the young ones whom names will be immortal because of their attempts to make their home better than it already is; loyal to the land that is carrying them or once did.




Today’s landmark isn’t a one-to-be, but it already has…

it’s fun how a man’s name can create a character, and that’s what happens with Al-Thahabi which means, “The Golden”. He is a golden man indeed for the great achievements he’s making every day and for the goal he set for his eternity; Al-Thahabi is an amazing young Iraqi man who devoted his time, mind, and life for the orphan homeless Iraqi children whom life has been so unfair to them—till Al-Thahabai changed that fate of theirs.

Hisham Al-Thahabi has erected “The Iraq Home for Creativity” where he’s having over twenty orphan homeless children; being a father to them; taking care of their education and self-making; discovering their hidden talents and creating their dreams; he’s having them till they grow old enough, prepared to face the life by their own. He says that those children made him to be a human being; the children are so happy to be a part of his amazing family which has been gathered with no condition, no background seeking, and no creed aiming; humanity is what made this family.

It’s beautiful to mention now that Al-Thahabi saw some of his dearest children growing up and even getting married; affording to them all what it takes to be the perfect future-person; a landmark-to-be.

His character in nowadays is really rare to be found, yet very hopeful to know that such a “golden” person do exist. A place having such a man is a place can make many more alike; a place where a good idol is being followed instead of the bad ones all around.  Al-Thahabi is a real human being before being an Iraqi Landmark-to-be.


Words can never be enough to tell everything or anything about this amazing man. Yet, here are few more things to add   :

Al-Thahabi already made a book telling his story with these inspirational children and their journey together. He has a facebook page where he shares their activity beautifully; his children’s pictures and talents and the way he’s so proud of them and how they’re so happy to be with him and under his protect and caring.

Here’s his facebook page,


Hope you liked today’s landmark; hope he could give you some inspiration; hope he could get some deserved support from your side.

Your opinions and comments are highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading 

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